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Methane that is sequestered in permafrost and deep sea clathrates has been alleged to be (a) potential serious source of positive feedback from global warming. Accepting this, I propose that we start a program immediately to mine these clathrates and … Continue reading

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The evil that is The Precautionary Principle

Obviously the title to this post is inflammatory. How could something so widely accepted as the precautionary principle be evil. The first problem with the principle, is finding a precise definition. As is usual with Google, the first hit on … Continue reading

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The Path Length Approximation

As anyone who has spent a wee bit of time reviewing the theoretical method of determining how much radiation is absorbed/re-emitted by CO2 can tell you, the method is spectacularly complicated. It is not feasible for daily calculations. In most … Continue reading

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Some things I am pretty sure are correct

This is a little summary of some climate stuff that it is important to get right. If you are a cynic like me, you also need to accept facts. The things below are facts. There may be poorly explained items, … Continue reading

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