Why I stopped reading WUWT

UPDATE: Free speech is not just “saying what you want”. It is also “not saying what you don’t want”. Wattsupwiththat is Anthony, speaking. He has the right to not say things if he doesn’t want to. I have resumed reading WUWT. I consider this particular post of mine a mistake. I will leave it here for posterity.

This post may be premature. I will monitor WUWT until the end of September, 2015. I hope that I will be posting an update to say that Anthony has come to his senses.

In this post, Anthony advises that I refer to myself as a climate change doubter, rather than a skeptic. He also announced the abolition of the word “denier” from comments.

This is an abdication to those who would call me denier. I have NO doubt that the climate changes. As such to call me “doubter” is as much a lie as to call me denier. I will not let those who would jail me for my thoughts dictate the terms of this debate. If you feel it necessary to label me or those who share my opinions on the methods of people such as the RICO 20 or Dr. Mike Mann, please feel free to call me a “free thinker”. If you want to call me denier go ahead, but please explain what you think I deny. The fact that it can be shown conclusively that calling me a denier is a lie is why I embrace that term. It clearly illustrates to me and any who know me that the person calling me a denier is a liar.

Update: October 28, 2015. Went to WUWT today to see if the policy has changed. I see the word skeptic is being used. I made a post with the word “denier” and it went straight to moderation. Very sad.

Checked again April 9, 2016. Free speech is dying a slow death at the hands of the same people who call me denier. Anthony is aiding that.


About John Eggert

A minerals processing engineer in Canada. A cynic by nature, but open to being convinced!
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