Cold . . . Hot . . . Why I Prefer Hot

At one time in my life I lived in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. I worked for some bad people (really, I’m not being “clever” here, but it isn’t currently relevant). The site where I worked was near Carmacks. The year was 1997. This is how I know cold. As you can see from here:

It was COLD. If anyone wonders what -50C is like, let me tell you. . . You can’t imagine it. I’ve been outside at -40 a lot in my life. It aint too bad, particularly if you have a sauna. But -50 is a whole new level of cold . . . And it is bad ass cold.

I’ve spent most of my life in Timmins, Ontario. There, -40 is almost assured every winter. But it was in Timmins that I experienced Hot. I clearly remember a summer from my youth. And the data is there to read.

Now I know that in the greater scheme of temperatures, +38.9C is not comparable to -50C for cold. But it is still pretty hot. Not like the hottest day in Scottsdale Arizona at 48.3, ( but it is still hot.

Hot is definitely much, MUCH more preferable to cold. An unprotected human would be dead in minutes at -50. They would be thirsty and maybe sun burnt at +50.

So John. WTF is your point here. My point is: The human race would be much MUCH better adjusted to an excessively warm planet then an excessively cold planet. If there is a climate we need to avoid, it is a cold climate. Bad things happen in the cold. Glaciers form. Water dries up (yes really). Plants don’t grow. Tasty (and not so tasty) animals die. Cold is very very hard to live in. Warm is not. Warm is easy to live in.


About John Eggert

A minerals processing engineer in Canada. A cynic by nature, but open to being convinced!
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2 Responses to Cold . . . Hot . . . Why I Prefer Hot

  1. John says:

    Well, I also prefer hot because I have the change to go to sea or to a local pool and have fun with my family and friends, but if we have hot in the winter and cold and rainy in the summer it is not normal.
    Climate change slowly makes changes in our weather so we might find ourselves staying in the room when we are on vacation instead of having fun outside due to the changed weather conditions.
    Here are a few tips on how to stop pollution in 2015.

    • John Eggert says:

      I think you need to study a bit. First. What exactly do you mean by climate change? I went to the link you provided. It states “help us fight against climate change”. That is an indication that whoever wrote it has no understanding of climate. Climate change is not something that can be stopped. It is natural. The climate changed before humans existed, it changes now and it will change until the sun collapses into a white dwarf. Fighting against climate change is fighting against nature. CO2 is not pollution. CO2 levels are at near record LOW values. They have been 20 times higher than today. And life flourished. Did you know this? Putting up solar cells that require massive numbers of lead acid batteries (always recycled and hence the most sustainable storage) or lithium ion (never recycled) create a lot more pollution than maintaining the operation of a coal fired generating station. Wind? Bat chomping, bird killing machines that are a blight on the landscape. The “solutions” are worse than the problem they attempt to solve. Given that the climate actually hasn’t changed for 18 years and counting, the solutions are almost certainly for a problem that doesn’t exist.

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