Human Achievement Hour

Following up on the post about earth hour, I celebrate Human Achievement Hour. For those who wonder why, look at the photos of earth at night here:

In particular, look for North Korea, compared to South Korea and Zimbabwe compared to South Africa. Two sets of nations that were at equal points in advancement at the end of the second world war. In both instances, the first suffers grinding poverty, no freedom and a short life span (and not coincidentally, a low carbon footprint). The second has embraced a free market approach to society and has reaped the benefits (and also not coincidentally, a high carbon footprint). Though one can talk about the lot of blacks in South Africa, they are better off than if they lived in Zimbabwe and now that they have the real human rights of speech and rule of law, their lot is improving fast.

Energy use and the necessary high carbon footprint is THE indicator of a society that does not suffer the ravages of poverty. One cannot have true freedom while enforcing a low carbon footprint.


About John Eggert

A minerals processing engineer in Canada. A cynic by nature, but open to being convinced!
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