Here’s How To Fight High Gas Prices!

There have been any number of e-mail chain letters making the rounds of the internet telling people to “boycott {insert your favourite oil company here} next Tuesday. If everyone does it they will be forced to drop prices”, or any number of other such nonsense. The real reason for high oil prices is a supply shortage. This isn’t because the world is running out of oil. Even if it was, there is more than enough coal to be used to generate gasoline (yes that is possible). There is a supply shortage because every time we find a new source of oil, the environmental movement goes out of their way to make sure that we can’t get to that oil. If you want lower gas prices, STOP giving money to Greenpeace. STOP giving money to Sierra Defence. STOP giving money to the Suzuki foundation. If you like your standard of living, STOP giving money to Big Green. They have more advertising money that all the oil companies combined and they are not entirely concerned about the veracity of all of their claims. Why won’t I get sued for saying this? Because in Canada, truth is a defence for liable and I can show the truth of these statements in a court of law. And they know it.


About John Eggert

A minerals processing engineer in Canada. A cynic by nature, but open to being convinced!
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One Response to Here’s How To Fight High Gas Prices!

  1. qualitycc says:

    Gas Price Manifesto

    We have a surplus of oil in the world right now. And yet, we pay crazy prices for gas.


    This is another idiotic “high gas prices are a conspiracy by the oil companies” thing. Either didn’t read my post or missed the point entirely.

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