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Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid

I work in mining, often in gold. Rising gold is good for me. For everyone else, not so much. As of today, October 15, 2010, the price of gold has continued to rise steadily in a way rarely seen. The … Continue reading

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The evil that is The Precautionary Principle

Obviously the title to this post is inflammatory. How could something so widely accepted as the precautionary principle be evil. The first problem with the principle, is finding a precise definition. As is usual with Google, the first hit on … Continue reading

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The Denier

So here I am wondering how I got tagged with the sobriquet of “denier”. Here are things I am sure of. Global Warming is real. Humans have impacted climate, particularly by gaseous pollutants. Methane will have an impact on climate, … Continue reading

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What’s a “Proxy”

This is something that I find fascinating. In climate debates, there is this argument that “the proxies” (do) (do not) reflect the temperature. So I ask: What is a proxy? Apparently it is something that is used to provide evidence … Continue reading

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